LiPD Utilities

Input/output and manipulation utilities for LiPD files in Matlab, R and Python

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Input/output and manipulation utilities for LiPD files in Matlab, R and Python.

What is it?

LiPD is short for Linked PaleoData. LiPD files are the data standard for storing and exchanging data amongst paleoclimate scientists. The package will help you convert your existing paleoclimate observations into LiPD files that can be shared and analyzed.

Organizing and using your observation data can be time consuming. Our goal is to let you focus on more important tasks than data wrangling.



Python v3.4+ is required

pip install LiPD


'remotes package' is required

remotes::install_github("nickmckay/LiPD-Utilities", subdir = "R")


Use the "Clone or download" button on the Github repository page to get a copy of the LiPD Utilities code on your computer. Note where the code is saved, and add the the path in you Matlab search paths.


The functions below are considered the core functions of the LiPD package. These functions are consistent across the 3 languages. There may be some slight differences in calling the functions, but the names, parameters and returned data is the same.

writeLipd(data, path="")
extractTs(data, whichtables="meas", mode="paleo")
filterTs(timeseries, expression)
queryTs(timeseries, expression)

Language-specific Documentation

The core functions are consistent across the 3 languages; However, each language has some nuances that you may be unfamiliar with. For example, in Python you may call 'lipd.readLipd()', whereas in R you may call the same function with 'lipd::readLipd()' or 'readLipd()'. Not only that, but we have included additional functions in Python that you may be interested in. The language-specific documentation linked below will go into detail about all the functions included in each language.

Python Docs
R Docs
Matlab Docs


Example Files

Examples Folder

The examples folder contains blank templates and example files. Use the blank templates to insert your own data for conversion, or test out the package using some of the example files.


Please refer to the requirements file

Further information

Github - LiPD-utilities
Github - GeoChronR
Linked Earth Wiki


If you are having issues, please let me know at


The project is licensed under the GNU Public License.

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